While We Are Sleeping

While we are sleeping there are people who remain awake to protect us.

Their jobs are dangerous: on any given day, they may face the fury of a raging fire or the cruelty of a heartless criminal. Their jobs are stressful: they are regular witnesses to brutality, death and suffering.

Their jobs don’t end when their workday does. Whether they investigate crime, offer care to accident victims or fight fires, they are often expected to act whenever they are needed.. whether they’re on duty or off.

Some patrol our streets in the dead of night to ensure our safety. Some build relationships with residents of local neighborhoods and mobilize the public to help fight crime. Some apprehend dangerous people who have little regard for life or law. Some brave blistering heat to lead children from burning buildings.

Some burn out emotionally. Some suffer serious injury.

Some give their lives.

This is our opportunity to pay them back.